Thank you for writing a petition and wanting to make a difference! 

All this might seem like a lot but honestly, just take your time and don't feel pressured. The point is to be heard and stand for what you feel is right, and yes it will take time but be patient with yourself.
I've given easy instructions below to take pressure off of trying to figure it all out. 
It takes time to cook a meal, or do anything and you can do this!
Give yourself the time it needs and once it's all done you'll appreciate yourself for taking the time to stand, make a difference, and be heard!
One drop of water can start the erosion of a huge a rock.
1.) Make sure the photo for your petition is legal to use. Meaning, you might have to purchase the rights to use it. You can find Free Stock Photos at or you can purchase 1 or more photos by purchasing a Credit Package from this link
2.) Go to because it will walk you through creating your petition
3.) Write a letter about your petition or just use your petition info as your letter, because you can cut and paste one letter everywhere. There are a lot of ways to get your petition out there. 
4.) You can keep posting your letter often to any Facebook page by just going to different pages through the Facebook search box, like Big Island News, Hawaii News, Puna News Network, Kona Happenings, Hilo Happenings, Big Island Popo...wherever you feel it needs to be seen.
Don't read or reply to negative comments! Don't take part in negative threads. Only respond to positive comments because this will help your heart a lot. 
Copying and past your petition letter to the pages you want, and make sure NOT to use a copied link of your petition to your post because sometimes it won't work. You must always use the original petition link everytime you post to a new a page because then the petition link should work everytime. 
I recommend opening a Facebook page, and open your petition link page as well. So, you will have your letter open, Facebook page open, and your petition page open.
Then all you have to do is copy the petition letter and paste it to every Facebook page you open, as well as copy your petition link everytime directly from the petition page. That way you are always using the original petition link and NOT a copy.
Basically you'll just keep going back to your letter and copying it to paste to every Facebook page that you open, and then coping and pasting your petition link directly from the petition page as well. This way the petition link will always open in all the different Facebook pages.
Post it to my Facebook page at
4.) You can make signs, and flyers, and write letters to News Papers to keep getting your petition out there.
You can make your petition link a so it's easier to remember, and to save room, and I recommend this because space is limited. 
Here is the West Hawaii Today Write a Letter to the Editor page
5.) Copy and paste you letter to an email and send it to all these government email address:
Mayor Roth's secretary's email is 
County council members emails will be on this site
Emails of other government officials you'll find through these links below, some of them you might have to email directly from their website.  I copied all of the emails from this link and you can just copy them from below and put them all to your email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thank you for your time my friend. I pray for all of us to create a better world.
Rebecca Melendez