There are Many Ways to help reduce IN hawai'i

If we all contribute to having less waste it will be AWESOME!

It does take effort and time and these Islands are worth it!

Go to the links below to learn Big Island's trash and recycling issues.


Precious Plastics Hawi'i

This info was taken directly from their webiste

"Creating a circular economy and zero waste system for Hawai'i

Offering a wide variety of business and residential plastics, cans and bottles pick up services. Our goal is to connect the community with each other to reduce the amount of plastics that end up in the landfills or burned for energy.

To do this we partner up with local community members and groups wanting to divert the plastics away from the current polluting systems to better alternative projects. All cans and bottles picked up will be recycled the same day and the funds will be donated to the nonprofit, Bottles 4 College which is a local group working to collect cans and bottles to help pay for local student's college.

If you're interested in purchasing the Precious Plastics we collect for your own projects, contact us below to get more details!

We offer custom machines for at home recycling or for industrial use for your own business. Currently accepting made to order machines in the following models based off of the traditional Precious Plastics blueprints: Injection machines, Basic/Pro extrusion machine, mini/industrial sheetpress, basic/pro shredder..."

Recycle and Trash Info Links

Atlas Recycling 

Recycling for Residents

Mr. K's Recycling

Trash Hauling

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Homeless IN hawai'i

There are many reasons why people are homeless.

Mental illness, which is common in most families.

Lose of a job, which can happen to anyone.

Drug and/or alcohol addiction, which can happen because there is no genuine authentic love in the person's life, serious childhood abuse has happened, and wanting to escape their inner pain is overpowering, and we all are on our own journey's.