The Big Island Needs Your Time Because Your Voice Matters!

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Big Island city council wants to know what you think about how they are developing this island. Email them and let them know how you feel
Will you take the time to voice your opinion to the city council? Because people are NOT voicing themselves on island, they don't seem to understand YOUR VOICE MATTERS!
You can get your voice heard by emailing them before a meeting deadline, and if you show up in person or on their zoom to voice in person, it won't take that long because they take testimonials first at meetings. You can leave after your testimony if you wish.
Below are links to county meetings so you know what meetings are coming up and can stay informed. Check these calenders once a week at least.
Click on each of the 3 different buttons below to see each different calendar meeting. Some meetings are posted with not much notice so please save these links and check these calendar links often.
Click on Agenda to learn what the meeting is going to be about and voice your opinion via email before their deadline, attend in person, or via zoomlink because your voice matters!.

There is a lot here just do what you feel you can. If we all do that then maybe we can make a difference together on what they are approving on The Big Island. 

Check these sites weekly as not to miss a meeting you want to be heard on.

Heads up, the Big Island 3-Council Calendar meeting is a bit confusing and it's one step at a time.

Click on the Different Calendar Links Below and Stay informed on meetings that you want to attend or email your testimony on and get

your voice heard.


Are you aware that there are a lot of big black and white signs posted on thousands of acers of vacant land and these signs are Notice of Application to the public asking if you, the public, want the new development or not. You just have to voice your opinion when these applications come up in council meetings.

What reports are being done before approval of new development? Here is an ambulance trying to get through the new traffic on Wed. at 3pm. See page above called Support Local Voices to learn about local petitions you can sign that are trying to stop so much development. 

This is a Notice of Application sign for developing 68 Acres that is right in town just north of Lako street when many other developments are currently underway.  

This is a picture of  Notice of Application for developing 51 Acres of land that is next to hundreds of acres of land that have already been approved for future development.

What reports are being done to keep safe infrastructure on an island that doesn't have the roads for high population because the roads are built on a mountain? 

94.5 Acres For Sale next to the big black and white Notice of Application sign still up. This development has not been approved yet, and they are trying to sell the land before approval.

Learn when new development approval meetings are by staying informed through checking the calendar links above. Then get your voice heard via email, in person, or zoom link. Mahalo!

Big Island emails

Do you have something you want to tell Big Island Officials?

Get your voice heard by emailing your concerns to them.

Email the mayor through his secretary or email him through this email as well,
The Planning Director Zendo Kern at